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Group of New Generation Industrials U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!! The NEW GENERATION of power began for John Deere in 1960. In that year, Deere introduced tractors with more than two cylinders. The legendary Johnny Poppers would be mass produced no longer (except for Argentina, and a few other places). This revolution of the Deere tractor also extended to the industrial line; but, the two bangers stayed in production for a little longer in their industrial versions because the New Generation industrials weren't ready. These types included the 830, 440, and 840.

In this part of the website, I will try to include all the New Generation Industrial tractrors, up to about 1970. After that, I don't think I will do anymore built after that date. I have enough older tractors to try to figure out! Updates will always continue!

Below is a flow chart of the designations of various New Generation tractors.
As you can see it is very confusing!! I hope the chart will help a little. You can click on the name of a tractor to see a page about that tractor. Right now, only some are started. If you have any information about any of the tractors below, PLEASE tell me! Don't make me beg! If I have to, I will!

Note: The later industrial tractors were based on the twenty series, such as 1020, 2020, etc. I could not fit this information on the chart.

1010 Ag. 2010 Ag. 3010 Ag. 4010 Ag. 5010 Ag.
| | | | /                        \
1010 Industrial 2010 Industrial 3010 Industrial 4010 Industrial 5010I Offset                   JD700
| | | | |                                   |
JD 300 JD 400 JD 500 JD 600 JD 760                           JD 700A
| | /      \ | |                                       
???????? ???????? JD 500A  JD500B JD 600 Pipe JD 760A                                       

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