The JD700 and JD700A
JD700--Industrial version of the agricultural 5010
Built only in 1965
63 made

JD700A--Industrial version of the agricultural 5020, click here to slide down!

The JD700 was introduced in March of 1965 to fill the BIG-power end of the industrial market. And I do mean BIG!!

JD700 Pictures, here!

It had most of the changes made to the smaller JD500 and JD600 tractors. It differed from the ag 5010 with: The JD700 could have the same hydraulic and hitch options as the 5010. It kept the same wheels and it also still had the adjustable rear axle. Usually, most of the "extras", such as 3 point hitch, PTO, and remote hydraulics were left off.

The JD700 was supposedly not to be used as a loader tractor, so the two lever shuttle shift was not planned for the tractor. However, there is a JD700 that I know about, with the two lever shift. The tractor has no serial number tag, and other clues point to it being an experiment by Deere. That tractor has the industrial grille and the longer/heavier frame. It has no 3 point, PTO, or remote hyraulics. If you think about it, that is strange. The shuttle shift was usually used for loaders, yet there were no hydraulics to lift the loader!

JD700 Production
Year Diesel engine, the only choice!
1965 63
Total 63

5010 Serial Numbers
JD700 used the same serial number range, but was produced ONLY in 1965
Year Beginning S/N
1963 1000
1964 4500
1965 8000

As you can see, the above charts were a BIG waste of time. The JD700 was produced for ONE year, with ONE engine. But, since I have the information, I might as well put it here.

5010 Tractor specifications (agricultural version)
Cylinders- 6
Bore- 4.75 inches
Stroke- 5.00 inches
Displacement- 531 cubic inches
Rated RPM- 2200
Transmission- 8 speed Syncro-Range
Wheel Base- 104 inches
Rear Tire Size- 24.5x32
Maximum PTO Horsepower- 121.1
Maximum Pull- 6323 pounds
Weight, with ballast- 14174 pounds

The JD700 Series A
Replaced the JD700 at serial number 12000 and onward, the same time as the 5020 replaced the 5010.
Built 1966-1972

The JD700 (5010) and JD700A (5020) were basically the same, except that the "A" had about ten more horse power. In fact, the JD700 and JD700A share the same parts book for serial numbers prior to #25158. After that, the "A" got its own book.

Here goes, a short list differences from 700 to 700A (the A did get some improvements later, but I'm not listing those, just the changes at the 700 to 700A crossover, #12000):
That's about it! Whew! I wouldn't be suprised if many of the parts could be interchanged. I may have missed a few, and I did leave out small stuff, but that is a pretty complete list, thanks to the JD700/JD700A parts book PC928.

Standard Features of the JD700A:
Tire Sizes:
Special Equipment
5020 Serial Numbers
JD700A used the same serial number range
Year Beginning S/N
1966 12000
1967 156500
1968 20399
1969 24038
1970 26624
1971 30000
1972 30608
Specifications of JD700A

Flywheel horsepower: 143
Cylinders: Six
Bore and Stroke: 4.75 x 5
531 Cubic Inches
Observed Maximum Drawbar pull (18,000 lb weight): 15,000 lb
Equipped with an eight forward speed (two reverse) synchro range transmission.
1st Reverse3.9
2nd Reverse6.3