The JD400
The Industrial version of the agricultural 2020
Built 1965-1971
Model years are probably 1966-1971

The JD400 replaced the 2010 Wheel in 1965 (the 2010 Crawler was replaced by the JD450). While the JD400 was the 2020's industrial cousin, there weren't any styling changes like the bigger tractors of the industrial line. Besides the yellow paint, there wasn't much changed. The main things I found were the industrial name plates, grill medallion, and the rear axle housings/axles.

Is it just me, or is the JD400 one of those types of tractor that seems permanently attached to a loader and backhoe? It seems rare to find one WITHOUT!

JD400 Pictures are here!

Some different options for the JD400 included:

  • 202 cubic inch diesel engine---180 cubic inch gasoline engine
  • Collar shift transmission---Collar shift transmission with reverser
  • Manual---Power Steering
  • Heavy cast non adjustable front axle (for use on a loader, backhoe, or sideboom tractor) Not avaliable for the 2020.
  • Swept back adjustable front axle (same as used on some 2020s)
  • Front counterweight for use with a #94 or #95 backhoe, 271 pounds!
  • Front counterweight for use with a #92 or #94 backhoe, 574 pounds!
  • Rockshaft for 3 point hitch
  • Three different hydraulic pumps (most likely different capacities for backhoe, etc)
  • Belt Pulley
  • Mid mounted PTO
  • Rear mounted PTO (540RPM, 1000RPM, either or, switchable, live, not live)
  • Rear axle extension
  • Weights for rear wheels
  • Deluxe Seat
  • Vertical or Rear exhaust (can't have loader with rear exhaust)
  • "Protective" Canopy (with loader)
  • Protective Canopy WITH Roll Guard (without loader)
Front Tires
  • JD3002 6.00x16
  • JD3039 7.50x16
  • JD3043 11.00x15
  • For tractors with loader, but no backhoe
    • (T30040 and T30041) Split rim, 9.00x10
      • Used with the following rear tires: 18.4x19, 38x20, 8.3x24 dual, or 9.5x24 dual! Strangely, these are not listed in the rear tires section of the parts book!
Rear Tires
2020 Serial numbers
JD400 used the same serial number range
Main tractor Tag located on right side of transmission, above foot rest

The 1965 tractors were probably considered as 1966 model year, but I have no proof at the moment
YearBeginning Serial number

Nearly all info came from the JD400 parts book, PC0973