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A group of industrial John Deeres     U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!
This is a group of industrial John Deeres-the BI, AI, and DI. No wonder they're weird, NO GREEN! (click to enlarge)

A Full Line in '59!
From its meager start just 20+ years before, there was quite a selection of industrial equipment by 1959.
This is Brandon Knapp's website about the industrial versions of the John Deere two cylinder tractors.

General Differences between the agricultural/industrial tractors-

Early industrial versions were different in minor aspects. Most had some, or all of the following features:
  • Turning Brakes
  • Mounting pads for equipment
  • Higher speed gears
  • Lowered height
  • Lowered exhausts and intakes
  • Heavier drawbars
  • More Comfortable seats
  • Yellow, Orange, or Red paint

Later two cylinder industrial tractors (such as the 40, 420, etc) had fewer changes from their agricultural counterparts, although some did recieve changes like the early tractors. In most of the later tractors the only change was paint color, and the addition/subtraction of certain options.

Caution!!! Just because most industrials were painted yellow, that doesn't mean the tractor sitting in the junkyard will be. My grandpa's DI had a coat of green paint over the yellow. Check!!! And look for industrial features. Click on the links at the far left.

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