The Industrial 4010
Officially called the "4010 Wheel"
Built 1961-1963

While shown at the big introduction of New Generation series in 1960, the 4010 Wheel wasn't actually produced until the summer of 1961.

4010 Pictures, here!

Here is a list of the differences of the Industrial version:
  • Cast iron nose frame, for increased weight and protection of the fuel tank
  • Sheet metal made with 10 gauge steel
  • Industrial style grill, flat
  • Frame
    • Rails larger and stronger
    • Holes drilled in different pattern from agricultural versions
    • Frame made with 6 inch C-channel steel
    • Frame extends farther back onto transmission case than ag versions
  • Tread size fixed
  • Larger rear axle housings, with better bearings and axles
  • Heavier Front axle
  • Steering-Uses frame mounted hydraulic cylinders, not motor
  • Two lever gear shifting
    • Right lever shift through all gears
    • Left lever shift through high-low-reverse ranges
    • Left lever located at original position of rockshaft lever
  • Rockshaft lever relocated to right side of seat
There were the normal options of Gas or Diesel engines. Liquid Propane was not used on the industrial tractors, for certain reasons-it would be like having a bomb in front of you! All the other hydraulic and hitch options (three point hitch, etc) were available. Most were not needed for industrial use. Often, the PTO was left off as well.

With all of the heavier parts, the 4010 Wheel could outweigh the agricultural versions by 1000-2000 pounds.

4010 Wheel Production
Year Gas Diesel
1961 1 6
1962 5 186
1963 4 80
Total per engine 10 272
Total Production 282

4010 Serial Numbers
4010 Industrials used the same serial number range
Year Beginning S/N
1961 1000
1962 20200
1963 38200

4010 Tractor specifications (agricultural version)
Cylinders- 6
Bore- 4.12 inches
Stroke- 4.75 inches
Displacement- 380 cubic inches
Rated RPM- 2200
Transmission- 8 speed Syncro-Range
Wheel Base- 96 inches
Rear Tire Size- 16.8x34
Maximum PTO Horsepower- 84
Maximum Pull- 7002 pounds
Weight, with ballast- 9775 pounds