The 840
One of the last two-bangers made by John Deere.
Built from 1959-1961
Less than 1200 tractors built

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The 840 was loosely based on the 830. It used a stripped 830, and used many 830I parts with a heavy-duty front axle, machined front support, heavy duty rear axles, and heavy duty wheels.

The first 63 tractors were assembled by Hancock. Deere supplied the basic tractor, steering parts, and other small stuff. Hancock then added the fenders, operators position, and many other sheet metal pieces. It was totally assembled and mated with a Hancock 7E2 elevating scraper.

Hancock Version 840s Serial Number Shipped
First made 8400000 10-16-58
Last made 8400062 2-04-59
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This arrangement quickly ended. Hancock didn't build the tractors fast enough, and quality control was low. Extra shipping was also required with this arrangement, so Deere decided to take over all 840 production. The serial number range was modified to begin with #8400200. These Deere-built tractors are known as the "New Style". They had new fenders/sheet metal, better: lighting, controls, comfort, and they were also easier to service. The Hancock 7E2 Scraper was still used.

In July 1959, Deere started a modification program to bring the "Hancock" 840s up to the "New Style" standards. It also included the earlier Hancock-built offset 820s. This was a great deal for the 840 owners, it only cost $500, plus frieght!! Most, if not all were converted.

Later at serial #8400900 the tractors were equipped with the John Deere Model 400 scraper. The scrapers also had serial numbers and the numbers sometimes matched those of the tractor. (Example: 840 #916 uses scraper #416).

Some interesting information
The 840 sold for $6,625
Its scraper sold for $7,450

The tractor had hydraulically actuated brakes, while the scraper used electric brakes.

Specifications of the 840:
Horsepower (Max.)
Drawbar: 69.7
PTO/Belt: 75.6

Fuel: Diesel
Engine Displacement:
6.12"x8" Engine 470.7ci

RPM: 1125

Rear: 18x26
Front: 8.25x20
Length (inches): 142.75
Height to Radiator (inches): 81
Weight, dry (pounds):
Tractor 10,400
Tractor & Scraper 23,200

1st Gear: 1 3/4 MPH
2nd Gear: 3 1/4 MPH
3rd Gear: 4 1/4 MPH
4th Gear: 5 MPH
5th Gear: 6 1/4 MPH
6th Gear: 11 1/4 MPH
Reverse: 2 1/4 MPH