The 830I
Industrial version of the 830
127 made

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The bigger John Deere diesels such as the R, model 80, and 820 were well suited to industrial jobs, and many were purchased for just this reason. However, except for experimentation, there were no mass produced industrial versions of these tractors to better fit the industrial market.

This finally changed with the 830. There were many "heavy duty" options to better suit the 830 to industrial work, but they still weren't officially industrial 830s. Finally in January 1959 the first industrial version of the 830, called 830I was produced, which was #8301400. The industrial version recieved some changes, most or all of which were also avliable in the earlier "Heavy Duty" version.

  • Heavy duty front axle ,straight, not curved like normal 830
  • Heavy duty front end support, with machined and drilled pads for mounting equipment
  • Front bumper
  • Heavy duty front wheels
  • Or, Truck-type front wheels
  • Heavy duty rear axle housing
  • Heavy duty rear axle
  • Some different drawbar parts for strength (supports, etc.)
Of course, with all these changes, the weight of the 830I climbed. So did the price...

830$51407606 lbs
830I$55008096 lbs
Source: Two Cylinder Magazine

The 830Is were in the normal 830 serial number range, with a total of 127 produced. There were 82 made with electric start and 45 made with a V-4 starting engine. I also have heard that 9 830Is had factory installed cabs.

830 Serial Numbers
Year Beginning S/N Ending S/N
1958 8300000 8300726
1959 8300727 8305300
1960 8305301 8306891

Sources: Green Magazine, Two Cylinder Magazine, Bill Suiter's website, John Deere Partsbook PC0766, and some helpful 830I owners.
Interesting note: A stock 830I can, and has beat the "Monster Popper" Model 80 that was shown in the December 2000 Green Magazine. Just thought you'd like to know!