"Frequently Asked Questions"
and sources of information

This should help some of you with questions. Feel free to email me, even if it is covered in the list below.

My sources of information
Most of the information on this site has come from people just like yourself. Contribute! Please! Email me.

If you have ever posted on a discussion board here, you helped me!

The information pages and discussion board are great!

This is the website for Green Magazine. Good discussion board too.

A little industrial info was found here. But, the owner used to live in my area!

This is a website dedicated to the L series, including the LI!

A site about construction equipment of all types. Didn't really help for John Deeres, but did help me with our Huber.

I stole a picture from here a couple years ago. I don't think the picture is there anymore. This is a good place to find tires for your tractor.

This website has a few good industrial photos, that I have copied.

Sam's Photo Page, I have stolen some good pictures from here. Including a few of rare tractors.

John Deere Two Cylinder tractors Parts CD, DB1293

John Deere Truck and Utility tractors Parts CD, DB1447

Green Magazine
My number two source of information (after people like YOU). It is great! Click on the name to go to their website.

John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Volume 1, 1837-1959, by Don Macmillian
Very good book. One of my best sources until I got Green Magazine.

John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Volume 2, 1960-1990, by Don Macmillian
Very good book. Has a little information about the industrials, but not alot.

John Deere Data Book, by L. Dunning
I don't have this book, but I copied some serial numbers out of it while at a store. It is a very good book.

John Deere Limited-Production & Experimental Tractors, by Peter Letoureau
Got a picture of an experimental MI out of this book. Good book, but not so good for Industrial stuff.

Iron Will, Memories of vintage tractors from the readers of Farm and Ranch Living Magazine.
I got one picture out of here. That's about it. But it is great inspiration.

Succesful Farming Magazine's AGELESS IRON
Got a picture from here, and more inspiration.

John Deere Model D Photo Archive, Edited by P.A. Letourneau
Took many photos of DIs from here. It is a great book.

Instructions and Parts List for John Deere Models "D" and "DI" Tractors (Serial Nos.119100 to 143799)
This is the operators manual for the DI. I used it to make the DI Maintenance Page.

Classic Farm Tractors, History of the Farm Tractor, by Randy Leffingwell
Interesting Book. Mentions that "Industrial Model D was introduced in 1926-hard rubber tires front and rear and high-speed gears allowed a top speed of 5 mph."

How to Restore Your Farm Tractor, by Robert N. Pripps
Interesting and educational book. Got some Paint numbers from here.

John Deere Farm Tractors, A History of the John Deere Tractor, by Randy Leffingwell
This is a great book! I got plenty of pictures and information from here!

Original John Deere Letter Series Tractors, 1923-1954, by Brian Rukes and Andy Kraushaar
Very good book, with plenty of great information.

John Deere Industrials, by Brian Rukes
A great book for the beginner in the industrial JD world

The John Deere Unstyled Letter Series, by J.R. Hobbs
Drool....Good stuff in this book!

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