The 440 and 435 Series
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The 440
The 440 was built from 1958-1960. It was the first John Deere tractor designed from the start for industrial work.

It had a total production of 21928 tractors(according to an old posting). Not rare at all, but that means plenty of parts are avaliable.

Pictures of 440 Crawlers are here.
Pictures of 440 Wheel tractors are here.
I have heard that the 440 was produced into the 1960s, till about 1963. I don't know if this is true, but it is very possible, since the New Generation industrials weren't really produced until 1961. If anyone has more information about this, let me know.

The 440 was made in a few versions:
440I (Wheel Tractor-Gas) 2341 made.
440ID (Wheel-Diesel) 971 made.
440IC (Crawler-Gas) 9845 made
440IC (Crawler-All Fuel) 10 made, I'd say it wasn't popular!!
440ICD (Crawler-Diesel) 6679 made
440 Serial Numbers
According to, which got them from J.R. Hobbs
Year Beginning S/N Ending S/N
1958 440001 444127
1959 444128 453872
1960 453873 461929
Tag is located on clutch housing of gas tractors
Tag is located on dash of diesel tractors

Note for people with a 440 gas tractor: In the early 440s the gas engine was the same as the type used in the 420s. At serial number 448001 the gas engines of the 440 were modified to produce more power. The rated RPM was raised from 1850 to 2000 and the compression was bumped up with a new cylinder head. The 420/430 (which used the same basic engine) never recieved these improvements.

Options for the 440I or 440IC
  • Engine
    • Two Cylinder Gas, 4.25"x4.00" 113.3ci
    • Two Cylinder All Fuel, 3.875"x4.50" 106.2ci
    • GM 2-53 Diesel
  • Transmission
    • Four Speed (regular equipment)
    • Five Speed
  • Front Tires
    • 6.00x16
    • 7.50x16
  • Rear Tires
    • 12x26
    • 13x26
    • 12x28
  • Crawler Track Shoes
    • 10 or 12 inch flat shoes (also known as street shoes-doesn't dig into roads)
    • 12 or 14 inch snow shoes
    • 10, 12, or 14 inch grousers
    • 10 inch rubber shoes
  • Crawler Track Rollers
    • Five Roller only
  • Power Steering
Accessories for the 440I or 440IC
  • Speed Hour Meter
  • Ignition Switch--Key
  • Special Exhaust Silencer Muffler
  • Horizontal Muffler
  • Orchard Muffler
  • Muffler Exhaust Cover (Rain Cap)
  • Air Pre Cleaner
  • AM3280 Wheel Weights (150 pounds apiece, wheel tractor only!)
  • Power Take Off
  • Hitch Bar
  • Belt Pulley
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Direction Reverser
  • Arm Cushions
  • Float Ride Seat
  • Heavy Duty Fenders
  • Remote Hydraulics
  • Crankshaft Driven Hydraulic Pump
  • Lights
  • 3 Point Hitch

  • Snow Sprockets
  • Sprocket Shields
  • Rear Bottom Plate

440 Specifications
The following information is for the 440I gas crawlers, and taken from the operators manual. It appears that this info applies to tractors built at or after #448001. I have added horsepower info for the previous gas engines, and diesel as well. However, everything else applies only to the later gasonline engined 440ICs. Thanks to a visitor for sending the information!

6000 pounds pull, or push
90 inch dozer blade

Horsepower (gas prior to #448001)
Drawbar: 24.12
Belt Pulley: 29.72

Horsepower (gas)
Drawbar: 26
Belt Pulley: 32

Horsepower (diesel)
Drawbar: 26.15
Belt Pulley: 32.88

Four speed (standard)
First: 1.02 MPH
Second: 1.65 MPH
Third: 2.91 MPH
Fourth: 5.23 MPH
Reverse: 1.73 MPH
Five speed transmission
First: 1.02 MPH
Second: 1.65 MPH
Third: 2.91 MPH
Fourth: 3.78
Fifth: 5.23 MPH
Reverse: 1.73 MPH
Number of cylinders: 2
Bore: 4 1/4 inches
Stroke: 4 inches
Displacement: 113 cubic inches
Rated Speed: 2000 RPM
Maximum Torque: 91.4 foot pounds (at 1250 RPM)

Track tread width: 48 inches

Area of ground contact:
10 inch shoes--1385 square inches
12 inch shoes--1662 square inches
14 inch shoes--1939 square inches

Tractor dimensions
Length: 106 1/2 inches
Width: 61 1/8 inches
Height (to top of grille): 50 1/2 inches
Turning radius: 78 inches

Shipping Weight: 5850 pounds

The 435
Built from 1959-1960
The 435 was an attempt by Deere to get more diesel engines into the agricultural market. The tractor was based on the 440 frame and a GM 2-53 diesel engine. Although it was supposed to be for agricultural applications, there were some industrial tractors made.
A total of FOUR were made.

Their Serial numbers were:
438582 (equipped with a four-speed transmission)

The only difference from the agricultural versions was an industrial yellow paint job. The above serial numbers had a Custom Job number 265 (C.J. 265). If anyone can tell me any other differences, Email me. Do any of these still exsist? Are there any differences I don't know about? Email me!

I couldn't have included the 435 without Green Magazine.
Specifications of the 435 (agricultural version)

Date: June 1959
Drawbar Horsepower: 28.41
Transmission Speeds (MPH)
1st Gear: 1 7/8
2nd Gear: 3 1/2
3rd Gear: 4 3/4
Fourth Gear: 13 1/2
Reverse: 2 7/8
Bore: 3.87 inches
Stroke: 4.5 inches
RPM: 1850
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 10 1/2 gallons
Cooling Capacity: 2 1/2 gallons
Wheel Size:
Front: 5x15
Rear: 10x34
Length: 136 1/8 inches
Width: 85 3/4 inches
Height: 71.5 inches
Weight: 3750 pounds

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