The 320 and 330
Industrial versions of the 320 and 330 tractors

A 330 mowing a roadside with a #47 mower
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The 320, 1957-1958: 3084 made
The 320 was introduced to fill the small tractor market, and was popular for many of the real small jobs on the farm, or roadside. As with many of the Deeres of the period, the "industrial" version had one change from the agricultural version-paint!

Most industrials were probably based on the utility version, due to its lower height. In 1958, hydraulics for the 320U were made optional, and for industrial use, this was usually left off.
320 serial numbers
Year/PhaseFirst numberLast Number
1957/Phase 1320001322566
1958/Phase 2325001325518

320 types-production
TypeGasolineAll fuelTotal
Standard (S)2153142167
Utility (U)9152917
Phase Explaination: If you are like me, you don't understand what Phase 1, or Phase 2 means. Basically, John Deere made certain changes to the 320 design, and called them different "phases". Two Cylinder Magazine offered a good explaination:

Phase 1(1957)--Straight steering wheel, Yellow paint on hood, medallion on grill.
Phase 2(1958)--Slant steering wheel.

The 330, 1959-60: 1,091 made
The 330 was mechanically the same as the 320, the only difference was in slightly changed looks. Even though it had a relatively low production, there were industrial versions made-of course, the only difference from an agricultural 330 was the paint color, and slight differences in the style of the decals-for some early industrial tractors. Most, if not all industrial 330s were the utility version, because it was lower, and for the utility, hydraulics were optional-and these were not always needed for industrial work.

Most got painted the industrial yellow, some got highway orange, a few were even painted RED! Red paint isn't too strange, you say? Well, four 330s were ordered for a road department in Ohio-they recieved red paint, with silver grill screens, rims, and mufflers! They also had the "John Deere" nameplate used on hoods of 440s! It seems that at least one; maybe two, of these tractors has survived to be restored and has been seen at some shows (Not by me, however--dang!)

330 serial numbers
YearFirst numberLast Number

330 types-production
TypeNumber Built
Standard (S)844
Utility (U)247

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