The Equipment

If you thought the tractors were hard to find....try to find this stuff!!!!

This is a listing of the equipment designed or modified for use on the industrial tractors. I underlined that, because virturally any piece of regular farm equipment could be used too. My grandpa plowed for many a year with his DI....

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In no particular order:

Early Industrial Ds DI
  • Caterpillar Trailer Patrol (see DIpic4)
  • LeTourneau rear mounted bulldozer (see DIpic3)
  • LaPlante-Choate single-section sheeps-foot packer
  • 20 series five and six foot revolving scrapers from Killfer (see DIpic3)
  • Single or Double hoist/winch units and cranes from LeTourneau
  • A huge two-way snowplow. See some pictures- DIpic10 and DIpic11
AI and BI
I have combined the AI and BI, because they have similar sizes, and equipment could often be traded between the two. (in most cases)
  • One and Two way snowplows from the Parsons Company (see BIpic7)
  • Load scoop from the Parsons Co. in both Junior and Senior models (see AIpic3)
  • Broom and street sweeper from Detroit Harvester (see BIpic2)
  • Self priming centrifugal pump (front mounted) from Sterling Machinery (see BIpic23)
  • Five-gang golf course clyinder mower, from the Pennslyvania Lawn Mower Works
  • Double and Single-Drum hoist from Willamette Hyster Co.
  • #26R revolving scraper from the Killefer Manufacturing Co.
  • Dragline and Carry-All bucket from Sauerman Bros.
  • Highway Mower from the John Deere Harvester Works
  • #10 trailer from the John Deere Wagon Works
  • #30 trailer from the John Deere Wagon Works
  • #22 grader and road maintainer from the Caterpillar Tractor Co.
  • Odometer from the Veeder-Root Co.
  • Calcium Chloride distributor from the Van Brunt Manufacturing Co.
  • Rigid Crane from the LaPlant-Choate Manufacturing Co.(see AIpic9, and BIpic22)
This information would not be avaliable to me without Green Magazine.

  • #7 and #7C sickle bar mowers, for L series
  • #7B (1940-'41) and #7D (1941-'46) Sickle bar mowers, with hydraulic lift (see LIpic1)
  • L30 snowplow (manual lift-straight blade, see LIpic54)
  • L30P snowplow (hydraulic lift-straight blade)
  • L31 snowplow (manual lift-vee blade)
  • L31P snowplow (hydraulic lift-vee blade)
See a sickle mower, detached from the tractor, here.

  • MI-7 Heavy duty power mower (Saw in October 2000, Green Magazine.)
  • John Deere Harvester Works M20-1399, center mounted mower with 5ft sickle bar. From an email, Thanks!!!!
  • #51 Power Mower, sickle mower for the M series
  • MI72 Snowplow (straight blade)


40, 420, 430, 440
These tractors are similar enough that most equipment could probably interchange. If you know that a certain implement was specific to one or the other type, let me know. The majority of the equipment below is for the 440.
  • Hancock 7E2 Elevating Scraper, on early tractors (See 840pic1)
  • John Deere #400 Elevating Scraper, on late tractors (See 840pic4, 840pic5, and 840pic9)

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