The MI
The MI was based on the Model M
1950-1952 (1032 built)

This is a picture of MI #10822.
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MI serial numbers
According to, which got them from J.R. Hobbs
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Year Beginning Serial# Ending Serial#
1950 10001 10292
1951 10293 10684
1952 10685 11032

The MI serial numbers began with 10001, just like the normal M. However, MI production didn't begin until 1949. Although built in late '49, they were considered 1950 models.

10001 built 11/2/49 (note:10001 was painted a "highway orange" color)
11032 built 10/8/52

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Some differences that the MI had from the M.
  • Final Drive housings are rotated 90 degrees. Rear wheels are more forward, and tractor is lowered.
  • Front axle-Uprights from front axle to wheel are lowered, to match rear height.
  • New drawbar/hitch design, with mounted toolbox
  • Fenders are different, more flat, no strengthening ribs
Prices for the MI
In early 1952
Front Wheel EquipmentRear Wheel EquipmentWeightList Price
5x15 4 ply9x24 4 ply2483 lbs.$1348.50
5x16 4 ply10x24 4 ply2510 lbs.$1375.00
6x16 4 ply10x24 4 ply2518 lbs.$1379.00
Options avaliable for the MI:
Belt Pulley$44.25
Radiator Shutter$12.25
Power Depth Control Bundle$13.25
Adjustable Front Axle$19.50
Orchard Muffler$4.90
Rear Wheel Spacers (2)$21.25
Front Wheel Weight$10.50 each
Rear Wheel Weight$16.00 each
Front Wheel Weight, Light$8.75 each
Front Wheel Weight, Heavy$13.75 each
Pulley Hole Cover$0.90
Muffler Hole Cover$0.80
Hour Meter$23.25
Power Shaft Shield Assembly$3.20

The MI usually came in "highway yellow", but some were painted "highway orange". MIs for New York State were painted in a blue and yellow scheme.
Specifications of the MI-
(taken from "John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Volume One" and a Two Cylinder Magazine article)

Drawbar Horsepower= 18.15
Tranmission Speeds (MPH)
1= 1 5/8
2= 3 1/8
3= 4 1/4
4= 10
Reverse= 1 5/8
Clyinders= 2
Bore= 4 inches
Stroke= 4 inches
RPM= 1650
Fuel= Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. Gallons)
Main= 10
Cooling Capacity= 3 1/2 (U.S. Gallons)
Standard Wheel Size (inches)
Front= 5.00x15
Rear= 9.00x24
Turning Radius= 8 feet (normal M turns in 8 feet, 6 inches)
Dimensions (inches)
Length= 110
Width= 62
Height=58 1/2
Weight= 2950 pounds

Some Price information came from a Two Cylinder Magazine article, most other info came from very helpful people, just like you!
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