The AI
The AI was made from 1936-1941
91 were built
But 23 were scrapped, or rebuilt into ARs; that leaves only 68 left

See more pictures of AIs, here.

See a listing of some AI serial numbers, here.

The AI was based on the AR (standard tread),these are the differences...
  • Different front end support, machined and drilled for intergral equipment
  • Front axle moved back seven inches, for clearance of equipment and manuverability
  • New rear axle housing, machined with tapped holes for intergral equipment
  • Larger outer bearings in axle housing, plus larger rear axles
  • Machined flanges on outer axles for turning brakes
  • More comfortable, padded seat, on a different mounting
  • New transmission brake, with the operating mechanism on top
  • Fenders and platform notched to clear the hand operated wheel brakes
  • Muffler, Airstack, and Exhaust opening cover from the AO (orchard)
The tire and wheel options for the AI...
  • Regular-Pneumatic rubber tires front and rear, with or without rear wheel brakes
  • Or Heavy cast rear wheels for dual 9x24 truck or balloon tires
  • Or Hard rubber tires-40x5 or 40x8 rear, 24x3.5 front
  • Or Steel front and rear-same as AR tractors
The accessories for the AI...
  • AA1226R Front Bumper Assembly
  • AA1227R Front Bumper Extensions
  • AA1245R Rear Exhaust Muffler Assembly
  • AA521R Special transmission gears (overdrive)
  • AA2391R Special transmission gears (tractors above serial 259999)
  • AA1900R Powershaft Assembly
  • AA1150R Side Powershaft Assembly
  • AA1202R Pintle Hook with bearings
  • AD1470R Rear wheel weights
  • Side Seat Assembly-used with Caterpillar Trailer Patrol (a grader)
  • Electric start and lights (factory install option in late '39, could be retrofit to earlier tractors)
  • Cab--you can see a rare cab, here

Specifications of the AI-(taken from "John Deere Tractors and Equipment, Volume One")

Date= 5/38
Capacity in Plows= 2 (16")
Tranmission Speeds (MPH)
1= 2
2= 3
3= 4
4= 6 1/4
Reverse= 3
Clyinders= 2
Bore= 5 1/2 inches
Stroke= 6 1/2 inches
RPM= 975
Fuel= Kerosene
Fuel Tank Capacity (U.S. Gallons)
Main= 16
Auxiliary (otherwise known as the Gasoline or "starting" tank)= 1
Cooling Capacity= 8 (U.S. Gallons)
Standard Wheel Size (inches)
Front= 6.00x16
Rear= 11.25x24
Dimensions (inches)
Length= 119 1/2
Width= 64 1/2
Height=54 1/2
Weight= 4680 pounds