First of all, I would like to personally thank everyone who visits, because without you folks there would be no reason to have this place. I hope you will feel free to take full advantage of all the features here. Whether you visit every day, or just come around once in a while, you are very much appreciated.

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We love running this site. The only problem with maintaining it is that it takes a lot of time, plus a considerable amount of money as well. We need to pay for the server space and the bandwidth we use, we need to pay for things like the odd bits of programming we need, plus the computers and software we use in-house to work with the site, and when techie things go nuts we sometimes need to pay for outside tech support as well. So, if you can help us out with a totally voluntary donation, it will sure help us to keep the lights on.

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Byron Guyer

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Here's a little "gas gauge" to indicate our current needs. If it reads full, we're in fine shape. Empty, and we're about to get evicted. In between, and a liitle bit of support could sure be used to good advantage.